If you’ve gathered from prior posts, my middle child tests (really, really pushes to the brink) my patience. And what child, especially a two year old, doesn’t? This special little guy though, his personality comes in a package much bigger than him, and it is so, so hard to handle every. single. day.

Yesterday was just a day, I mean WOW, haha. Our littlest, now seven months old (how did that happen so fast?!), is fighting a virus and teething, we are trying to get back into our routine after all of our holiday festivities, Aydan got into some mischief and went on this crazy sugar high marathon around our house right before bedtime, Noah was over the entire day and emotional, I was over the entire day and emotional. But after they were in bed, I just really got to thinking.

My two year old, crazy, little piece of work Aydan is still just a baby! He is learning how to navigate his feelings, his energy, his wants and needs. This sour patch baby didn’t choose his personality, he was just born with it (we thought maybe it was Maybelline, but we’ve since ruled that out). He was born with this huge, loving, tender heart, a roaring, compassionate, humorous and impulsive personality, and that’s not his fault! But as his parent, I have to learn how to adapt to his giant personality.

I can’t change him, and truth be told, no matter the crazy shenanigans he puts us through, I would never want to change him! I need to, as his loving parent, learn ways to work around his big personality. We’ve tried everything, i mean EVERYTHING, but looking back (given I’m calm right now, tucked away in my room, with a glass of wine, and Parks and Rec on), he’s just communicating. What is he communicating? Heck if I know!

What do I know? I know that I will be benefiting our relationship, our family relationships, by learning how to adapt. Adapting is so hard because it requires change. Im not sure about you, but change can be really hard for me. I am going to have to take a serious step back every time he does ANYTHING, and try to understand WHY. I know I can do it, I know its going to be a lifetime of doing this, a lifetime of trial and error, but the first step is always acknowledging what needs to be fixed, and in this case, Aydan does not need to be fixed, but the way that I parent him needs to adapt to him, and not my idea of who he should be. Cheers to the lifetime of trial and error that comes with being with a parent!


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