OKAY. This morning didn’t start out too bad. Got ready, kiddos weren’t crying, baby was happy, had some coffee, went to the doctors office with no kiddos in tow. I get home to find that of course aydan had hurt himself, had to move some furniture around so it wouldn’t happen again. Hubby left for work and the chaos started, as usual. πŸ˜‘

It wasn’t all too bad until about 20 minutes ago. I was trying to get the baby to sleep, finally did, but then aydan ran down the hall screaming because DUH, the baby is sleeping, so being loud right after he falls asleep is the most logical thing to do. Got him back to sleep, and I went and occupied the boys in the toy room so i could make a phone call. (Side note: PHONE CALLS ARE THE WORST WHEN YOU HAVE MY KIDS) I stand outside, dial the number, and I’m on hold for a couple minutes, which was no problem because the boys were actually playing nicely and not screaming in my ear like every other call. The SECOND the receptionist answered, aydan ran to me screaming, pulling my shirt. I tell him to go away and move deeper into the yard. Then I hear my wine opener. I go inside to see them sitting on the counter (I’m trying to give my insurance info at the same time), using my wine opener, throwing silverware on the floor, and being extra loud (so kind of normal behavior I guess? πŸ˜‚).

I get them off the counter and try to finish my very short phone call. Got off the phone, and I hear the boys in my room, GREAT. Those little turds grabbed my wallet that was on the counter because I had just grabbed my insurance card, ran to my room, and took out every card! Aydan was biting and ripping their paper insurance cards, noah was throwing cards in the air like confetti. Obviously not happy, I made them scram and go outside, so I could find all my cards and put the wallet puzzle back together.

At this point I was thinking okay they’re outside, we can make it to lunch time without me losing my mind. As I’m walking into the kitchen and headed outside I hear aydan tell Noah “look Noah i poop!” WHAT THE WHAT?!! Yup. In his pj pants, no diaper, no underwear, he crapped his pants, on the patio. TGIF friends and TGFW (thank god for 🍷)!

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