May your coffee be stronger than your toddler!

You ever have those mornings when you feel like everything is going smoothly? The kids aren’t fighting, you haven’t yelled once, you were able to drink half of your coffee HOT! That’s how my morning was going. WAS.

I was in the toy room playing with the oldest and the baby, and Mr sour patch (my sweetest little middle love) took his backpack and some books to their room. I go to check on him and heard something in the kitchen. Little aydan decided it would be a great idea to grab the flour (my parents flour in their flour dish because I was all out) and a coffee cup. He then took the measuring cups we used for pancakes this morning to scoop the flour into the coffee cup, and coffee cups need coffee in them, too, right?? So the rest of my coffee this morning was kindly thickened into a flour coffee paste all over my kitchen counter and floor. He looked at me clapped his hands and laughed! After he got down he smeared his hands all over my cupboards.

This is what happens when i try to believe the best in my child’s actions. He sneaks away and destroys the house. Am i a helicopter parent with aydan? Sure! But only because if i take my eyes off of him tornado aydan comes to life and nobody needs that amount of chaos. Happy Thursday everyone!

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