Anyone else have a child that is literally OBSESSED with poop? My middle child won’t stop with poop everything. It’s disgusting, hilarious, and embarrassing all in the same!

He is two, just turned two in April, and he is pretty much potty trained. I let him run around naked and he goes to the bathroom when he has to go, and its worked great (I did this for my older kiddo, too)! But if we go outside, its a totally different story. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s part dog. When a dog has to go, they just pop a squat in the yard and go. Yeah, so does my kid. He will literally just take a crap in the middle of my yard! At first I was super embarrassed, in complete disbelief that my HUMAN CHILD just took a huge man crap, dog style, in my backyard. But, it happened again, and again, and again.

To clarify all of this, I do not let my child just crap in the middle of the backyard, or behind the BBQ, or in the rocks, or in a bucket, he’s sneaky! I started putting underwear on him, sometimes a diaper, just to try and deter him from him making a dookie outside, and NOTHING works!!! For instance, our drain pipe is broken, so I was dumping out some water from dishes outside. I had to open the back door, grab the bucket, walk it outside to dump it, and then go back inside. In the small window of time it took me to open the door and bring out the water, the turd made a turd on the patio. What a little sh*t!

So not only does he want to poop everywhere, he wants to pick up poop! He takes shovels to scoop up his crap, our dogs crap, and my parents dogs crap. The little stinker will run inside to grab a bag to pick up poop. I mean at least he’s helping, right?

One time while I was driving in a desperate plea to get the kiddos to fall asleep, I looked in the mirror to see that Aydan was still awake. I nicely said, “Hey buddy, just close your eyes and try to go night night” and his response was, “No, mom, poop, side (outside)” really? You can’t sleep in the car because there might be poop outside?!?!

AND its not just my middle. The older one will yell for Aydan to go to the bathroom to “look at this huge poop, it looks like a boat!” Why? Why, why, why?! They congratulate each other and say good job about pooping. The encouragement is great, the kindness is adorable, but can it not be about pooping all the time? Maybe say good job about picking up the food on the floor, or not throwing the heavy dump truck at each other!

In this stage of my life, I am dealing with toddler man poops outside, big boy “boat” poops to brag about, and yellow baby blow out poops! And you know what? Im rocking the crap out of it (literally though…i picked up crap in my rocks with other rocks and then threw it away)! Cheers!

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  1. Oh man!! My littles count their poop 🀦 two little turdlettes swimming in the pond πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ is literally what zeleo will say. I caught Evony saying bye to her poop the other day tooπŸ˜‚

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