A Week in the Life of Noah and Aydan

Man, what a week it has been. I had a full blown meltdown yesterday evening. You know when you think you have everything in control, and then all of a sudden BAM, shit hits the fan? Yeah, that’s what happened.

It started last week Saturday at my parents house. It was great day, full of fun and laughter, running around, playing with each other, but of course something was bound to happen. Poor little Noah was playing with my dad, shut the front door, and then my dad opened the door at the same time Noah was trying to open it, and the bottom of the door dragged on his big toe, ripping off a significant amount of his skin. It bled, we stuck a bandaid on it, and boom! Good as new!

On Sunday, we were picking up the yard, so we could mow it. We have a trampoline, and the boys like to take off the ladder, so we asked Noah to move it off the grass onto the patio, so it wouldn’t be in the way of the mower. Well again, poor Noah, as he was moving the ladder (which I’ll add weighs NOTHING, it is a super small trampoline ladder), the ladder caught on the ground, he tripped, and smashed his finger between the ladder and the cement. It instantly turned purple and swelled up. It is no longer swollen, but he will absolutely lose that nail!

On to Monday, now! My husband and dad took our two older boys and my nephew, to the fair, to the demo derby. They had so much fun, ate way too much cotton candy, and were full of energy. During this time my sweet neighbor dropped off her two youngest (an almost 6 month old and her 2 year old, darling little babies!) so they could enjoy some rides with their older two. Everything was going great, until my two older ones, more specifically Aydan (AKA Little Hellion), came home from the derby. Nox was hungry, the other little baby was hungry, Little Hellion was acting like he was on crack from all of the cotton candy he had, and decided it would be an excellent idea to act like a small tornado through the whole house! That meant destroying the toy room, hitting kids on the head with toys, pulling Noah’s hair, trying to take Nox for a ride on the blanket, you know, normal Little Hellion stuff.  So, i called my wonderful mother (she lives just down the street from us) to see if she would come over for about a half hour to help out with Little Hellion. She got to my house with my nephew, and him and Noah booked it outside! I have a rule, NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE YOURE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE!!!! So what happened you ask?! Noah and Aybl came running inside the house at the same time, and Noah tripped and slammed his head into the corner of the wall, because of course, something bad has to happen to his body at least once a day! That created a lovely little goose egg at his hairline (nice little bruise there now).

Tuesday! I already forget what happened Tuesday other than the poor little guy somehow managed to scrape open his big toe again! Shoes are not really a thing in this household. Rain? Barefoot. Sunshine? Barefoot. Snow? Barefoot. Nails and hot coals all over the ground? Barefoot. Shoes would probably solve a lot of our foot injuries, but I have other more important battles to fight!

I’m sure lots happened between Wednesday and Friday, in fact I know stuff happened (scraped knees on both kids, sand down their pants and stuck in their cracks which I then have the pleasure of wiping out, spilled everything, marker tattoos in the closet where I can’t see, Noah getting out of bed at nap time, walking to Aydan’s bed, putting his finger in Aydan’s mouth, telling him to bite it, but not too hard, and then getting mad and screaming because his 2 year old brother did exactly what he told him to do, etc), but I am going to go ahead and get to Saturday, the ever dreadful Saturday.

My aunt and uncle were having a get together at their house in Stanwood with some of our family, including my grandma from out of town. There was food, music, washers (the game, I’ll save laundry and dishes for home), and lots of laughter. Every time we go somewhere, one of us has to keep an eye on Adyan. We are total helicopter parents, but not for the sake of him injuring himself, but him biting, kicking, hitting other kids, you’re welcome! I had been going back and forth between playing with the kiddos, talking with family, eating 763 chips to myself, and feeding the baby. The big boys were outside playing washers (they seriously love that game and Noah is pretty dang good it!) with some of the other adults. I walk outside and watch Aydan look at Noah and throw a heavy washer right at him. It hit noah right on his upper lip! There was blood everywhere, I was wearing the baby, so the blood was dripping out of Noah’s mouth, all over my shoulder, down my arm, and in-between the baby’s toes. Poor little guy was crying and crying, didn’t want anyone to touch him, wanted ice on it, didn’t want ice on it, wanted the doctor, didn’t want the doctor, wanted a bandaid, didn’t want a bandaid. We were able to clean it, the blood stopped pretty quick, but it sure left a nice gash. We were all going back and forth between taking him in to get stitches or just doing a butterfly bandaid. Butterfly bandaid won. So now little Noah has a healing toe, a purple finger, a bruised forehead, and a gash with a butterfly bandaid on his lip.

This morning, I thought it would be a great idea to take Noah out for a mommy Noah date to the cocoa station (Starbucks). As we are all getting ready to go, Noah starts pushing Aydan because he was playing with a toy that Noah saw earlier and wanted to play with now, so then Aydan decided to bite Noah straight on the forehead. THE FOREHEAD! What in the world is their problem?! Why????

I am constantly asking myself that, WHY?? It is so damn hard to do anything with these kiddos. I can’t go to the store, the park, the library, playdates, the bathroom, without something happening. My poor little Noah has been put through the ringer this week. And its not even that abnormal. My life with three boys is complete and utter CHAOS. I love them to death, but it would be so nice for just a few days, to not have to question whether this owie is ER worthy or not.

The breakdown I was speaking of earlier? All of this chaos, all of these horrible things running through my head, the why’s and how’s, the judgements that I feel because my two year old is a loving, adorable, little shit, the judgements I feel because my oldest looks like he fell out of a tree ten times, the judgments I feel because well I am a mom, doing my best with the knowledge and tools that I have, but its never good enough for someone. One person can only handle so much of these feelings at one time, and I broke down. BUT THATS OKAY! I feel better now, aside from the massive cry headache and super puffy eyes/face!

This was just one week. We’ve conquered so many weeks already, and have a lifetime to go, and it may not be how your weeks go (I question how many other kids act like mine!), but this IS my life and this is our normal. Biting, spitting, loving, laughing, screaming, cussing, crying, playing, and more loving, and more cussing. I love these boys dearly, but thank god for coffee and wine!

I hope you all have a lovely week! May your coffee be stronger than your toddler!


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