A Quick Intro!



Thanks for taking the time to come over and check out my page! Id like to do a little introduction here.

My name is Ashli and I am a boy momma of three, Noah (4.5), Aydan (2), and sweet baby Nox (3 months old), and married to the love of my crazy life, Nic! I was just a wee babe, 20 years old, when I had Noah. Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, I would see all of these picture perfect lives. Little babies staring up at their mommas, whose makeup was always on point, hair perfectly curled, white unwrinkled stainless shirts, and heels. And I would see this over and over and OVER again. I would be sitting on my bed with my baby with poop up his back, my hair a rats nest, no bra, milk stains from leaky boobs all over my shirt, black bags under my eyes from the exhaustion of working all night and taking care of a baby who couldn’t care less about my lack of sleep. i would sit there pondering how they made it happen, and how they made it look so effortless. Well, it’s BS!

I’m here to write about the other side of the story that you don’t see or hear of too often, the “REAL” side of parenting. The poop, the spit up, the throw up, the cold coffee, the late nights, the crying for no reason, the fights, the laughs, and everything in-between! My hope is that I am not alone, that other parents can laugh at this craziness of parenthood together, that we can come together and agree that parenting just plain sucks some (most) of the time!

I’m a little sweary, and very honest! I also haven’t taken an english course in FOREVER so i really do apologize for the lack of proper grammar (sometimes i like commas, sometimes i don’t)!

I look forward to sharing my chaos with you!


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