If you've gathered from prior posts, my middle child tests (really, really pushes to the brink) my patience. And what child, especially a two year old, doesn't? This special little guy though, his personality comes in a package much bigger than him, and it is so, so hard to handle every. single. day. Yesterday was... Continue Reading →

My Life as a SAHM

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be two things: a teacher and a mother. Those two things have never wavered, but my timeline for them did. Things have happened and my plans have had to change, and not necessarily for better or for worse, they just simply changed, and... Continue Reading →


OKAY. This morning didn't start out too bad. Got ready, kiddos weren't crying, baby was happy, had some coffee, went to the doctors office with no kiddos in tow. I get home to find that of course aydan had hurt himself, had to move some furniture around so it wouldn't happen again. Hubby left for... Continue Reading →


Anyone else have a child that is literally OBSESSED with poop? My middle child won't stop with poop everything. It's disgusting, hilarious, and embarrassing all in the same! He is two, just turned two in April, and he is pretty much potty trained. I let him run around naked and he goes to the bathroom... Continue Reading →

The Blue Boy Group

OKAY. Who here has an art drawer? We have one of those little plastic storage containers, it has three drawers in it. I use one for all of the crap I don't want them having, the pens, glue, glitter, paints, tape (why I ever thought it would be a great idea to have these artsy... Continue Reading →

A Quick Intro!

  Hello! Thanks for taking the time to come over and check out my page! Id like to do a little introduction here. My name is Ashli and I am a boy momma of three, Noah (4.5), Aydan (2), and sweet baby Nox (3 months old), and married to the love of my crazy life,... Continue Reading →

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